October 2018

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  • Augmented reality in Adult education

    As stated in the EC’s ‘Skills Agenda for Europe’, a strong digital economy is vital for innovation, economic growth, job creation and increase of European competitiveness.  However, according to recent studies, still a large percentage (over 40%) of EU citizens are digitally illiterate.  Such is the growth of digitization, that EU adults need to be […]

  • Corporate Social Responsability and micro companies

    Corporate Social Responsability is not just for big companies and through the ISORESS project, we want to help small and micro companies implementing new initiatives in this field as small and micro enterprises represent the majority of the European business fabric. United Nations have established concrete development goals in order to accomplish the objectives of […]

  • Circular economy: towards a new business model

    The global population growth and the increasing living standards has derived in a vast use of resource and significant amount waste. Even if there are some initiatives that are already rooted in Europe such recycling, there still lack of innovation and solutions in this aspect. Aware of the increasing problematic, the European Commission has established […]