• Digconsum. Training for consumers in Digital Market

    Online consumption is significantly growing, and increasingly more people is buying through their screens rather than in physical shops. Besides this growth, the European Commission estimates that almost half of the European population does not count on the basic digital skills, which implies a potential risk. In Media Creativa we firmly believe that it is […]

  • Level Up: The world is changing. Are you ready for it?

    Although it is not a very visible process, digitalization is advancing and spreading inexorably throughout all professions. Many sectors, especially in terms of industry and manufacturing, are advancing towards an Industry 4.0 model where manual workers are displaced by machines, automated processes and the introduction of robots. Though, at first glance, this might point towards […]

  • Offering better services to migrants and refugees

    Why in order to integrate migrants and refugees they should be the ones receiving training? Maybe it would be more interesting to prepare also those people working directly with this target group to offer the best services, right? In fact, Q-SER project was created answering to these questions, with a very clear objective: to offer […]

  • Shared responsibility, a new business management model

    Shared management model makes the people excited about facing new challenges and to be more willing to face them. This attitude requires from high-quality competencies that offer the necessary resources to develop their ability to lead and to make decisions, fostering the role as creators of knowledge inside an organization. Share responsability models promote that […]

  • Competences for youth employability

    Youth in Europe are one of the most vulnerable groups affected by high unemployment rates derived from the economic crisis. According to data provided by the European Union, the average rate is higher than the overall unemployment rate, reaching almost the 40% in some counties. Besides, long-term youth unemployment rate is still at record highs. […]