• Level Up: The world is changing. Are you ready for it?

    Although it is not a very visible process, digitalization is advancing and spreading inexorably throughout all professions. Many sectors, especially in terms of industry and manufacturing, are advancing towards an Industry 4.0 model where manual workers are displaced by machines, automated processes and the introduction of robots. Though, at first glance, this might point towards […]

  • Shared responsibility, a new business management model

    Shared management model makes the people excited about facing new challenges and to be more willing to face them. This attitude requires from high-quality competencies that offer the necessary resources to develop their ability to lead and to make decisions, fostering the role as creators of knowledge inside an organization. Share responsability models promote that […]

  • Gen Z and labour market

    Companies face several challenges derived from the changes in the tendencies of labor market, for example, the trend of workforce exceeding the job offer in a near future, or the already present different generations (baby boomers, X and Y) and the new one coming, named Z, recently incorporated to the world of labor with new […]

  • Learn with Moving Languages

    Migration in the EU has been rapidly growing in recent times, especially in light of the troubled political situation in the Middle East and Asia. Thus, it is of great importance to provide tools to support the integration of migrants and refugees arriving in Europe. Language learning is one of the key priorities of successful […]