Share and create knowledge: bi-directional mentoring in tourism sector

The sector of tourism is one of the key sectors in the EU economy and holds a leading position as number 1 destination in the global market. It also generates over the 5% of the EU GDP and around 9.7 million jobs.

However, the sector is changing quickly and it is facing challenges as the one of the digitalisation and the emergence of new trends and demands of customers. Yet, as illustrated in the research “Key Findings of the European Tourism Education Report” conducted by the European Commission in 2015, “skills mismatches are the most fundamental problem hampering the competitiveness of the tourism industry”.

Tourism sector has an important percentage of consolidated companies, which have to adapt to new demands and customer profiles quickly to survive. On the other hand, it is a sector with great attractiveness for new companies which do not have the know-how of the more experienced companies. Therefore, we consider these both types of companies can benefit from the knowledge and experience of each other if the necessary mechanisms are put in place.

Therefore, B-MENTOR uses Bi-directional Mentoring or Reverse Mentoring in order to connect generations and share knowledge inside the sector. To do so, we offer a methodologic framework, a toolkit and a training course based on innovative methodologies; bi-directional mentoring and mentoring circles.

This project seeks to contribute to improve the level of skills and competences of both new entrepreneurs in the sector and experienced managers, taking advantage of the potential and knowledge of both collectives, and matching both c-VET and labour market requirements.