Shared responsibility, a new business management model

Shared management model makes the people excited about facing new challenges and to be more willing to face them. This attitude requires from high-quality competencies that offer the necessary resources to develop their ability to lead and to make decisions, fostering the role as creators of knowledge inside an organization.

Share responsability models promote that workers enjoy with the new challenges, acquiring high quality competences that give them the resources that they need for developing their capacity of leading and taking decisions, promoting their role as knowledge creators in the organisation.

Taking into account the current economic context, promoting the participation of workers in a company is essential as people became their main asset.

In Media Creativa we believe on this business management model and for this reason, we are participating in SHARE project; an Erasmus+ strategic partnership promoted by Fundación Formetal. The partnership is formed by organizations from Italy, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom and Spain and it aims to consolidate the organizational change in companies of metal sector through training.

Thus, during the two years lasting project, we will develop a training path about shared responsibility in companies, together with a Guide of practical exercises and gamified activities for the development of competences of shared responsibility.

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