Offering better services to migrants and refugees

Why in order to integrate migrants and refugees they should be the ones receiving training? Maybe it would be more interesting to prepare also those people working directly with this target group to offer the best services, right?

In fact, Q-SER project was created answering to these questions, with a very clear objective: to offer training to public officers, social assistants, NGOs and all people working directly with this collective.

To do so, we are going to develop a training course where we will cover different topics like those blurred concepts related to migration (which is the difference between an asylum seeker or refugee?); multiculturality (intercultural or multicultural?) and intercultural communication (did you know that for Turkish people it is disrespectful to put your hands in the pockets?).

All the above mentioned will be offered together with an innovative mentoring technology named as the Impact Circular Model and the Circular Cycle of Mentoring Model, where users will be beneficiaries of the experience and know-how of other people.

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