Augmented reality in Adult education

As stated in the EC’s ‘Skills Agenda for Europe’, a strong digital economy is vital for innovation, economic growth, job creation and increase of European competitiveness.  However, according to recent studies, still a large percentage (over 40%) of EU citizens are digitally illiterate.  Such is the growth of digitization, that EU adults need to be encouraged to engage in life-long learning in order to acquire the skills necessary to catch up with the needs and opportunities of modern digital life.

Through the project DESK, we want to foster that change and offer an opportunity to adult learners to engage in an innovative and refreshing learning environment is through “Augmented Reality” Technology (AR).  AR is providing adults a chance to experience learning in new ways, its simple use and various effects intriguing the adults to engage with it, as seen on various applications. Yet, AR technology is on its first stages of development, which means it can be exploited and adapted to adult education. However, trainers need to be updated about the use and application of this technology.

Thus, this project is addressed to adult trainers to enable them to implement AR in their classrooms, as well as to adult students who need to gain digital literacy and gain better chances for employability. Finally, it is also useful for different stakeholders related to Adult Education such as policy makers and managers who will also benefit from this new technology.

The project will come out with a curriculum about adult digital education skills, different real-life case studies and a tool kit with different tools to facilitate the implementation of Augmented Reality in Adult Education together with guidelines for trainers about how to use the material developed.