Competences for youth employability

Youth in Europe are one of the most vulnerable groups affected by high unemployment rates derived from the economic crisis. According to data provided by the European Union, the average rate is higher than the overall unemployment rate, reaching almost the 40% in some counties. Besides, long-term youth unemployment rate is still at record highs.

One of the factors to explain this phenomenon is the fact that companies claim they do not find the right profiles.  “Employers unable to find the right talent, despite offering competitive wages, face skill shortages. Skill gaps arise where the skills required are unavailable in the workforce, for example, due to technological advance. Over or under-qualification is where individuals take jobs that do not match their qualifications. People are over or under -skilled where, whatever their qualification level, their skills do not match their job.” (Cedefop, 2015)

On this context, Media Creativa is involved in WORTH working group, which aims to go deeper into this phenomenon and try to explore a solution to cover those mismatches.

One of the first activities implemented by the group include a need analysis, carried out in a coordinated way in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, in order to identify which are the skills that need improvement. More than 105 companies’ representatives and 1400 young people participated in this research that outlined leadership, meeting deadlines, conflict solving, time management, risk taking, presentation abilities, taking responsibilities, writing skills, organization as well as self-confidence as the key competences to address.

These results are the basis for the development of a specific training programme which offers also different activities, techniques and examples to show the applicability of those skills in all real working environments.

In addition to the training, WORTH offers a Good Practice Guide including different initiatives carried out in all partner countries to tackle this phenomenon, as well as a video with real life experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

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