Circular economy: towards a new business model

The global population growth and the increasing living standards has derived in a vast use of resource and significant amount waste. Even if there are some initiatives that are already rooted in Europe such recycling, there still lack of innovation and solutions in this aspect.

Aware of the increasing problematic, the European Commission has established several goals for the Europe 2020 Agenda and the Action Plan for the Circular Economy, which goes in line with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development of United Nations and proposes the Circular Economy as a pillar strategy to deal with this situation.

Through the CLEAR project, we aim to disseminate the green entrepreneurship culture and foster the servitisation business model as an approach to reduce the waste and offer green solutions, more focused on the real needs of the user and by taking profit of the already existing potential.

CLEAR outputs will consist on an on-line exhaustive training toolbox which deals with the characteristics, benefits, options this business module offers, providing also real-life example that aim to serve as an inspiration for both already existing companies and those new ones.

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