July 2018

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  • Competences for youth employability

    Youth in Europe are one of the most vulnerable groups affected by high unemployment rates derived from the economic crisis. According to data provided by the European Union, the average rate is higher than the overall unemployment rate, reaching almost the 40% in some counties. Besides, long-term youth unemployment rate is still at record highs. […]

  • DQ Skills – Are you ready for digital citizenship?

    Digital Citizenship is more than the social and daily use we make of technology. It is the ability to use resources and technological tools in a safe, responsible and efficient manner, which implies that we must train ourselves to develop our digital skills if we really want to exercise our digital citizenship. DQ Skills is […]

  • Personal Assistant – a new professional profile

    One out of six people in the European Union has a disability that varies from mild to deep, which makes around 80 million people limited in their capabilities to fully participate in the society and economy due to environmental barriers. For disabled people, the poverty rate is 70% higher to the average, due partially to […]

  • Digital Transformation of commerce in rural areas

    More than 91% of the territory of the EU is “rural”, and about 56% of the EU’s population live there. But a new demographic change is taking place in Europe, defined as “counter-urbanization”: many people, attracted by environmental and life quality, flow out of urban areas into rural areas, made more accessible by new transport […]