Training diary in Tallinn

¡Tere Tallin!

Thanks to the E-SCAPE project we have been able to enjoy a week-long training in Tallinn given by our Italian partners of TDM 2000 International. An unforgettable experience worth telling! So let’s get started…

We couldn’t resist. The first thing we did on Monday when we arrived was to directly go for a walk through the historic center of the city, where we met Estonians in medieval costumes. Despite the cold, we were fascinated by the charm of the medieval architecture of this Estonian capital, with colorful buildings surrounded by a beautiful fortress. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and we had to go back to the hotel to rest a bit, as a very intense week awaited us.

On Tuesday morning we already started with the sessions of the training week. Here we had the pleasure of meeting again with all the partners of the project, and also the new members of the team. So with a game and a round of questions we broke the ice and were ready to start working on the main objective of the project: to create the application scenario for our fantastic educational Escape Room!

In the afternoon we continue working on the project. But before getting our act together and immersing ourselves in the content of the application, we did a little brainstorming about the main concepts of an Escape Room and reconstructed its history over time.

After a day full of inspiration we returned to the picturesque old town. Passing through medieval spiers and a captivating combination of streets we arrive at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. A wonderful Estonian Orthodox cathedral that deserves to be visited!

Tired, after a long day, we returned to the hotel to regain strength for the activities that awaited us the next day.

During the morning we meet again to experience together the process of creating an Escape Room. We divided into two teams and each one prepared an educational Escape Room for the other team to play later. It is very illustrative to see how the companions are deciphering the riddles, checking which tests are more exciting and controlling the time in situ.

In the afternoon each team began to play the Escape Rooms that we had prepared. One on climate change and one on mental health. The participants of each game had to solve different tasks. The objective? Find the code number to get out of the room before it’s too late!

To clear our minds after a busy afternoon, we went for a walk around the corners of the creative city of Telliskivi. Impossible not to be inspired by this alternative and avant-garde area, full of photo galleries, urban art and graffiti!

The next morning we were ready to create the stage for our Escape Room. After having agreed on the theme and learning objectives of the project, we divided into 3 groups to create 3 different scenarios. The ideas were not lacking and before going to eat we already had all the designs.

In the afternoon we had another fantastic experience. We went to visit the youth center of our Estonian partner and his organization Shokking Group. Here we play among all your educational Escape Rooms, exchanging knowledge and practical advice. Among the various educational themes of the Escape Rooms we find bullying, Fake News and migration. A great way to learn while having fun!

The experience at the Shokkin youth center brought us a lot of inspiration. The next day we continue to work more in depth on the narration and on the different puzzles in each scenario. Having fulfilled the objective of the week, to complete and finalize our training, we dedicated the last day to the communication plan.

And this is the end of our adventure. Thanks to this week of training of the E-SCAPE project we have been able to acquire skills and knowledge to create an educational Escape Room and, above all, we have been able to meet wonderful people who have been of great support and help throughout the training. It must be said that the place has also helped. Tallinn is a beautiful city!