We are committed to the Zero Waste Movement

Did you know that around 88 million tonnes of food waste is generated annually in the European Union? And what does this entail derived costs of approximately 143,000 million euros?

Both the SDGs and the Paris Agreement constitute the reference framework around which the roadmap of the member countries has been established in terms of reducing emissions; However, the dependence of sectors such as food on fossil fuels continues to trigger greenhouse gas emissions.

From a perspective of Responsibility and Social Impact and being therefore aware of the need to respond to SDG12 “responsible production and consumption“, more and more people and institutions are joining the philosophy of the Zero Waste Movement. The main objective is to minimize the generation of waste, by adopting measures associated with the principles of the circular economy.

That is why from Media Creativa we joined the GO ZERO project, whose main objective is to contribute to the Zero Waste movement in the food sector by improving the waste management capacities of those professional profiles that work in the food industry, as well as vocational training students who will work in this sector in the future.

For this, within the framework of the project, we are going to develop a series of training content focused both on training to respond to the needs associated with the different stages of production processes in the sector, and on offering a cross-sectional view of activities aimed at the preservation of the environment that can be carried out in their companies.

As always, we encourage you to join the project news and of course the #GOZero movement.