When AI is our teammate

As you have probably already experienced, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been incorporated into more and more areas of our personal and professional lives. We are living in a key era of economic and social transformation, largely defined by the emergence and progressive generalisation of the use of robotics and AI in the workplace.

After an initial period of uncertainty and fear that the replacement by robots would lead to job losses, it is becoming increasingly clear that this irreversible change also brings opportunities and changes in the labour market that need to be understood and exploited.

The European Commission’s study “The Changing Nature of Work and Skills in the Digital Age” revealed the disruptive nature of the digital transformation, which not only changes the way work is done, but also generates new professions and changes employment relationships, creating environments where humans have to interact with AI and robots in a previously unknown way.

This new work context requires workers to be able to adapt to new working methods, work organisation and tools. It is therefore necessary for them to develop certain skills and competencies, among which are the following:

Through the work we are developing in the European project BAI – Bots and Artificial Intelligence, we want to contribute to the creation of resources to better understand the new reality, and to support workers in developing these key competences to efficiently and successfully face the challenges posed by the irruption of robots and Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.

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