The INSPIRE project is reaching the final phase

The INSPIRE project is reaching the final phase… you can now download the “INSPIRE Serious Game

The INSPIRE project aims to empower young people 18-24 engage with Social Entrepreneurship and to create teams inside their companies.

How? Through an innovative toolkit and a serious game that allows them to discover which is the role they play best within a social enterprise according to the analysis of specific traits of their personality, which the user will discover by playing this game.

In addition to the game, the user can also download  (by clicking on them) the following materials developed during the lifetime of the project:

The main objective of “INSPIRE Serious Game” is to INSPIRE young people to engage Social Entrepreneurship by identifying the key role they can play in a team.

So, if you like playing digital games and learn through them important skills for your life and your initiative in social entrepreneurship the INSPIRE game is for you.

The INSPIRE Serious Game will challenge you by recreating your participation in a social enterprise that addresses specific SDGs and overcomes existing real-world challenges. Thus, while playing you will be able to assess your personality and competences in order to find out what role you can best play in a team of young entrepreneurs.

INSPIRE also contains specific employability tools to help you prepare for interviews, see which professions best suit your personality, define your personal and professional goals, etc. These are some of them:

In July we are going to carry out some events to test the game in different European countries, so don’t hesitate to contact us to participate in the one we are going to organise in Bilbao!